As cooler temperatures come rolling in, it's important for Delphos drivers to get their autos ready for the fall season. At Jim Schmidt Chevrolet Buick of Delphos we offer an expansive range of fall maintenance services. With our help, Chevy drivers in the Wapakoneta, OH area can get their cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs the comprehensive care they deserve.

Have Your Battery Tested

Colder temperatures can be hard on automotive batteries, so it's best to have your battery tested and cleaned before the chilly air arrives. We can test your battery's performance, clean its connections and table and give you an estimate of its remaining lifespan. If it's time to have a brand-new battery put in, we can help with that too.

Tire Care and Wheel Alignment Service

Having your wheels aligned before the weather turns severe will give you the benefit of superior handling and control. You can drive your car with confidence throughout St. Marys, OH and beyond. Wheel alignment service will additionally improve your Chevy's fuel economy and provide a smoother and more comfortable ride overall.

With our tire care service, you avoid dangerous blowouts and get excellent traction everywhere you go. Our mechanics will make sure that all the tires on your Chevy have adequate tread depth and that they're wearing evenly. If you need tire replacements, we've got an impressive selection of all-weather tires, all-terrain tires, performance tires and more. We'll make sure that your tires are correctly pressurized and balanced.

Have Your Exterior Lights and Signals Inspected

With earlier sunsets and longer nights, it's important to make sure that all your exterior lights are working like they should. If you have broken lights or need bulbs replaced, we'll take care of everything according to manufacturer specifications so that you can easily see where you're going on late night drives out of Van Wert, OH.

Don't Forget to Have Your Brakes Inspected

It's important to have reliable, responsive brakes when driving around Lima, OH in autumn. If you've got squeaky brake pads or worn brake shoes, we can replace them. We can also handle all your rotor resurfacing projects or put new brakes in when you need them.

Fall Is the Perfect Time for an Oil Change

After subjecting your vehicle to long road trips and high summer heat, fall is the perfect time for an oil change. We'll put fresh engine oil in that has the perfect viscosity for the cooler season. We'll also replace your engine oil filter, perform a leak check and top off all your other fluids.

Stock up on Popular Chevy Accessories for the Fall Season

We're the perfect place to visit when you want genuine Chevy accessories for the fall season. Come see us for new wiper blades or rugged, all-weather floor mats. We can even make sure that your Chevy looks its best by washing it, cleaning its interior and giving it a good pre-season wax.

Catch up on Model-Specific Maintenance

Autumn is also a great time to get caught up with all manufacturer-recommended maintenance. At our location near Continental, OH, drivers can rest assured that their Chevy's are getting the model-specific care that they deserve. If it's time to have your Chevy tuned up, we'll get everything taken care of fast and get you on your way.

Take Care of Essential Repairs

We're here for you when you've got repair issues. If your "check engine" light is on or if your Chevy isn't handling quite like it used to, we can find out why and take care of the problem. We use state-of-the art diagnostic tools and repair equipment. We also offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure your Chevy keeps running for years to come.

At Jim Schmidt Chevrolet Buick of Delphos, our mechanics understand how to take care of Chevy models thanks to years of experience and factory training. They can capably service and repair Chevy vehicles across all years of manufacture. To get your car ready for the new season, be sure to schedule a service appointment today.

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