Everyone knows oil keeps the motor lubricated and running cool, but power steering fluid is another one of the various fluids that keep your vehicle performing smoothly in the Delphos area. Why is power steering fluid important? Well, power steering fluid is important because it's used within a hydraulic pump that makes the steering wheel noticeably easier to turn when traveling around Continental.

Dirty power steering fluid can send abrasive particles throughout the system, impacting the performance or longevity of the power steering pump. When O-rings, seals, and other components within the power steering system become worn out, they may develop leaks. Without enough fluid in the system, your power steering pump needs to work harder, translating to a heavy and difficult-to-move steering wheel. Disregarding regular service can result in costly damaged components over time, or safety risks when attempting to avoid deer on the roads between St. Marys and Lima.

Is it Time To Change Your Power Steering Fluid?

Some sources will mention changing your power steering fluid every fifty thousand to seventy-five thousand miles, while others recommend every two to three years. However, checking your Owner's Manual is the single best way to find out what your vehicle manufacturer recommends, as some may require power steering fluid to be changed at different intervals. Sometimes, you can tell if the power steering fluid in your vehicle needs replacement based on the noise your car might make when turning the wheel.

If your truck or SUV makes a whining noise when going around corners in Van Wert, it may be time to have your power steering system serviced. You can also check the power steering reservoir under the hood to see your power steering system is low on fluid. Keep in mind that if you need to add fresh power steering fluid frequently, a leak may be present within the system.

Think Your Vehicle Needs an Inspection or Service?

The Service Center at Jim Schmidt Chevrolet Buick of Delphos is here to provide high-quality care for your vehicle. Our experienced technicians are trained to handle all your maintenance needs including power steering fluid changes and system repairs. Check out our online scheduling tool today to find an appointment time that works best for you.

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