Your engine is the backbone of your vehicle. Without it, all you have is an expensive lawn ornament rather than a way to get from place to place. That said, it is important to take proper care of your engine, and that means paying attention to the sounds it makes and paying us a visit should you hear anything out of the ordinary.


If your engine suddenly makes a squealing noise, the most likely culprit is a worn or slipping belt. However, your engine belts can slip for more reasons that just being worn out, and it could be a sign of a leaking water pump or an oil leak near the front of your engine. Having a squealing belt checked out is a great way to rule out more serious problems, and it’s a chance to put a fresh belt in your engine to ensure that your water pump, alternator, and other belt-driven components keep running like they should.


It’s the most dreaded sound you can hear while driving, but an engine knock doesn’t necessarily mean the death of your vehicle if it’s caught early. In some cases, engine knock is simply caused by a misfiring cylinder, likely due to a spark plug fault. By having your vehicle brought to us at the first sign of trouble, you can thwart bigger issues with a simple tune up and inspection.


If your engine makes an audible hissing noise once you stop driving, it likely means a coolant leak can be found somewhere under the hood. Over time, coolant loss can cause overheating, but the fact that coolant is leaking at all means it’s time for a checkup.

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