We’ve all been there. You wake up, have your morning coffee, then head out for the day, only to realize that your car won’t start. There are several reasons that this might happen, and several ways to deal with it, including calling for a tow, but the easiest way to get back on the road is to find a friend and jumpstart your vehicle. It’s a simple process, but one that must be done correctly to keep you safe, and we’re here to help.

Find Another Vehicle

The hardest part of jumpstarting your vehicle might be in finding a friend or neighbor nearby who can help you give it a jump. Once you do, position the vehicles next to each other so that the batteries are as close together as possible. Then, take out your jumper cables and you’re ready to get connected.

Prepare Both Vehicles

Ensure that both vehicles are in park, and set the parking brake on both vehicles. Then, turn off all electric components are turned off, including the HVAC system, lights, chargers, etc.. Then, take the keys out of both ignitions.

Connecting Your Jumper Cables

Lay out your jumper cables on the ground, ensuring that none of the clamps are touching each other. Then, look under the hood of both vehicles, and find the RED Positive terminal on both batteries. You’ll want to be sure to connect the red clamps first. Always attach to the bad battery first, and then let the black clamp rest on the rubber cable of the red clamp. Then, move to the good battery, attaching the red clamp to the positive terminal. Next, attach the black clamp to the negative terminal. Finally, go back to the vehicle you’re starting, and attach the black clamp to a piece of bare metal. Never attach it to the negative battery terminal on the bad battery, as this can cause a spark.

Now that you’re all hooked up, it’s time to start the vehicle! Start the good vehicle first, then start the disabled vehicle after a few minutes.

Once you’re back on the road, visit Jim Schmidt Buick for a battery test to see if it might be time for a replacement battery!

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